The mission of the Owasso Taxpayer Alliance is to keep the citizens of the Owasso area informed on issues taking place within the city of Owasso - and beyond - in all areas of government that will affect their taxes and quality of life without party-partisan bias. The Owasso Taxpayer Alliance is a political watchdog group for all of the people within the Owasso area (Owasso Taxpayer Alliance is a registered trademark with the Oklahoma Secretary of State).


This morning, July 29, 2013 Tulsa County Presiding District Judge William C. Kellough issued an order authorizing that a grand jury be impaneled pending the collection of the proper amount of signatures from Tulsa County registered voters. According to state statutes the signatures must be obtained within 45 days from the judges order. ANY Tulsa County registered voter can sign. Pages should be mailed to Owasso Taxpayer Alliance, PO Box 2143, Owasso, OK 74055

Click here for a copy of the petition signature page


Click here for a copy of the petition as submitted to the Tulsa County District Court


Click here for a copy of the judge's order



Following an investigation by the Owasso Taxpayer Alliance we learned that the city of Owasso had an outstanding invoice for $220,475 owed to the Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) from over 10 years ago. Once we obtained documented proof we notified Councilor Patrick Ross. Councilor Ross submitted an open records request to ODOT only to discover there were three unpaid invoices totaling $300,109. Councilor Ross has requested that this issue be placed on the council agenda for Tuesday, February 19, 2013 for open discussion.

You can view the three invoices by clicking on the "File Cabinet" link in the upper left corner of this page then scroll down the "City Bills and Debt".


Show up at the polls and exercise your right to vote.

City Hall proposing taxpayers pay $500,000 over Fair Market Value for 50 year old building

Read about this at https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups#!topic/owassotaxpayer/HvDF3O64y9M

Channel 2 News Report on the proposed 2012-13 Owasso Budget

May 8, 2012


Owasso residents to pay more for utilities if proposed budget is approved. There has already been two increases in the past eighteen month. The proposed budget can be view by clicking this link: http://www.cityofowasso.com/budget_1213/index.html

A public hearing on the 2012-13 proposed budget will occur on June 5, 2012 during the regularly scheduled council meeting. Meetings are held in the council chambers located at 109 N. Birch and begin at 6:30 pm.

Owasso Taxpayer Alliance raises over $2,600 for Owasso Police Officers

February 21, 2012

Thank you to State Senator Rick Brinkley, Owasso Chick fil a, and members of the Owasso Police Department for helping to make tonights kickoff campaign a great success. Over $2,600 was raised to purchase tasers for our police officers. This is a proven tool that can save lives by allowing officers to use non-deadly force when dealing with a variety of situations.

KJHR Channel 2 was live on site this evening and covered the event.


Anyone can continue to donate to the taser fund by going to any Bank of Oklahoma branch (96th & Garnett in Owasso) and donate to "Citizens for Public Safety", Acct. No 308643329

Council Candidate Jeri Moberly Promoting the $25 Million Dollar Property Tax


The Owasso Taxpayer Alliance is beginning a movement to collect funds to purchase tasers for officers of the Owasso Police Department. Leaders of the OTA have met with Police Chief Dan Yancey to begin the process of identifing the type of taser the police department is looking for. With a tight city budget leaders of the OTA felt the need to step up and work with other community organizations and citizens to collect $50,000 so the officers of our police department can have access to some of the latest and most effective equipment available today.

A kick off campagin will begin on Tuesday, February 21, 2012 at the Owasso Chick fil a restaurant located at 12015 E. 96th Street. The event will begin at 5:00 pm. The Owasso Chick fil a restaurant will be donating a portion of the proceeds from the evenings sales to go towards the purchase of the tasers.


On Thursday, February 9, 2012 the Owasso Taxpayer Alliance endorsed Dan FIKE (Ward 2) and Tim BARNES (Ward 1) for Owasso city council. This endorsement came following interviews with all candidates. The OTA feels that FIKE and BARNES will best represent the citizens of Owasso by working hard to complete road widening projects promised in 2003, dealing with the massive losses at the Bailey Golf Course and reducing the city's debt (which has increased 38% in four years).

Candidates speaking schedule:

Monday, February 13th: Rita Peter (Ward 2)

Monday, February 20th: Tim Barnes (Ward 1)

Monday, February 27th: Dan Fike (Ward 2)

Chris Kelley (Ward 2) has turned down our offer to speak and Jeri Moberly (Ward 1) has not responded with her answer.

Our Monday evening meetings begin at 6:30 pm and are held at Legends BBQ, 11226 N. Garnett.


MARCH 6, 2012

The Owasso Taxpayer Alliance is holding weekly meetings on Monday evenings through the end of February. Meetings begin at 6:30 pm and are at Legends Bar-B-Q located at 11226 N. Garnett. City council candidates will be invited to speak at the meetings. Sign up for our email alerts at http://groups.google.com/group/owassotaxpayer/boxsubscribe

WE WON!!!!

Proposition 1 (Youth Sports fields)

Yes 679 14.04%

No 4,158 85.96%

Proposition 2 (Road Improvements)

Yes 1,092 22.54%

No 3,753 77.46%

Proposition 3 (Water Park)

Yes 783 16.25%

No 4,036 83.75%

(Official results as reported by the Tulsa County Election Board)


Vote NO on all 3 on October 11th

Owasso Public School District = 72 square miles

Proposed property tax increase = 6 square miles (commercial/residential property owners inside city limits)

Does this sound fair?


The Pat Campbell Show on September 15th talking about the $25 million dollar tax increase


Channel 2


Channel 6


Channel 8




Tulsa World


The Pat Campbell Show on October 4th interview with Councilor Charlie Brown (starts half way through the segiment)


Ordinances defining use of $25 million dollar property taxes

What is written on the ballot is not the legal use of the funds should this tax pass. Below are the actual ordinances that govern the use of these funds.



$25 Million Dollar Property Tax Increase: How will this impact you?

On August 9, 2011 the Owasso city council voted 3-2 to hold a public vote on a proposed $25 million dollar property tax increase. This public vote will occur on Tuesday, October 11, 2011. The pro-higher tax group will be sending out all kinds of "feel good" information about all the great facilities this money will build. We would like to make you aware of the following items they will not share with you:

· Our nation is in the worst financial shape since the great depression. Now is not the time to demand more money from the people. Many people in the Owasso community are unemployed, underemployed, retired living on a fixed income, living on disability and one parent families working multiple jobs. Most people just can't afford to pay more taxes.

· Councilor Charlie Brown has presented financial documentation to all councilors about the proposed excess sales tax and other revenues projected in the coming years. $24 million dollars is possible in the next five years with up to $52 million dollars in the next nine years. With these projected excess revenues why do we need higher property taxes? Other sources of funding have not been considered by city hall or city council.

· The $5 million dollars proposed for street improvements is for East 76th Street between Hwy. 169 and North 129th East Ave. and for Garnett Road between East 96th Street and East 116th Street. In order to complete even part of these projects the city is relying on a federal grant to come through for the 76th Street project yet they have not received confirmation that the city will receive this money. $5 million dollars will only complete about one mile of road widening and that does not count purchasing right of way, engineering design cost or utility relocation work.

· City council members have not been presented with engineer estimates or conceptual drawings on any of these projects. They don't even know where most of these proposed projects will be located.

· The Owasso school district consist of 72 square miles. The proposed tax increase will be imposed on property owners in a 6 square mile area (only 8% of the school district area) yet everyone else will be using these facilities.

Higher property taxes will affect everyone. Homeowners will be forced to pay higher home taxes, renters will pay higher monthly rent fees as the higher taxes will be passed onto the renter and retail prices on food, gas and medicine will go up.

In order to vote against this tax increase you must be a registered voter by September 16, 2011 at 5:00 pm. You can register to vote at any tag agency in Tulsa County. The Owasso locations are:

Owasso Tag Agency AJ Tag Agency

Corner Stone Shopping Center German Corner

12418 E. 86th Street 11330 N. Garnett

Register to vote and attend the public meeting to learn what you can do to help stop this tax increase. If you don't get involved it will pass.

According to the city of Owasso, homes will be impacted by the following amounts:

HOME VALUES - Commercial property rates will be affected at the same rate of increase

(Yearly amounts are based on a 10-12 millage rate increase)

$100,000 $110-120

$150,000 $165-186

$200,000 $220-252

$250,000 $275-318

If you are considering how much to donate please consider how much you will be paying EVERY YEAR for the next twenty years if this tax passes. We are asking for you to consider donating one year's proposed tax increase to help fight this. Funds will be used for yard signs, citywide mailers and large truck/trailer signs.


If you were not able to attend the August 9th city council meeting you can watch the council debate here by clicking the link below.

City Council members phone numbers. Call them to voice your opinion on the $25 Million dollar tax increase.

Doug Bonebrake, Mayor 918-274-7188

Bryan Stovall, Vice Mayor 918-272-0467

Stephen Cataudella 918-274-6823

Patrick Ross 918-272-5075

Charlie Brown 918-274-4286


Councilor Charlie Brown has proposed looking at our future sales tax increases since city hall has announced two large retailers plan

to open by the end of 2012. With the proposed retail sales numbers, and the amount of debt we will be retiring in the next 9-10 years, Owasso could see a $52 million increase in available tax dollars. The proposed bond vote states it is for twenty years. Why twenty years when we could have $52 million in 9-10 years. Let's look at all possible funding options. This has not been considered.

Contact all city councilors and tell them they need to look at other funding sources before they come to us for a tax increase!!


Posted: Friday, July 29, 2011 3:37 pm | Updated: 8:09 am, Mon Aug 1, 2011.


The Owasso City Council is scheduled to hear comments from residents during its Aug. 9 meeting regarding whether a bond-issue election should be called for October 11, city government announced Friday, July 29.

The meeting during which comments on the bond-issue proposal will be heard is scheduled to begin at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 9, in the Old Central Building, 109 North Birch St.

If an October election is to be held, the council must take action in the form of a resolution and deliver the resolution to the Tulsa County Election Board no later than August 11, according to city government.

In accordance with city council meeting rules and procedures, residents wishing to speak on the agenda item should sign in prior to the meeting, according to the city. The sign-up sheet will be placed at the entrance of the meeting, and individual residents may sign in to speak for three minutes. A group of of five residents may choose a representative and the designated speaker will receive 10 minutes of speaking time.


(Update: Possible vote is October 11, 2011)

Higher taxes and larger debt was the cause of politicians getting voted out of office over the past year across our county, state and nation. Apparently some of our locally elected officials did not get this message following the November 2010 national elections and the city of Owasso council elections in March 2011.

At tonight's Owasso city council meeting (July 5, 2011) Owasso Public School board member Frosty Turpen and Owasso homemaker Aimee Sacco presented their case for a $25 MILLION dollar property tax increase to fund numerous sports projects, water parks, a farmers market facility and other feel good projects.

In order to pay for these projects Mr. Turpen was up front about what it would take to fund these projects...higher property taxes.

Even though Mr. Turpen stated these item were not taken from the "Quality of Life Initiative " list they sure match up with the vision city hall has been painting getting people ready for this property tax increase idea.

Owasso city councilor Charlie Brown stated he has concerns about a property tax as the burden of paying for all of this would fall on the residential and commercial property owners inside the Owasso city limits yet folks who live in the fence line (outside the city limits) would bear no financial responsibility.

Higher taxes and larger debt is not the answer to Owasso's future. This path not only takes more money out of your pocket by raising your property taxes but also raises your food and gas cost as higher taxes are always passed onto the consumer by the retailer who also has to pay these higher taxes.

Many people who live in Owasso are retired, live on a very limited income, on disability, are single parents, are unemployed or under employed. They don't get more money each month just because of higher taxes. These people would have to give up things like groceries or medicine in order for others to have ballfields, water parks and walking trails.

The future for Owasso lies in lower taxes and lower debt which translates into more people having more money to spend in our local economy and for people to pay for the basic needs in their lives.

Just since 2008 Owasso has seen a 61% increase in our debt, two years of new property tax increases, higher utility rates and larger city government.

Owasso city government is just like any other government agency. They are addicted to money...your money and they don't know how to stop spending until the citizens put a stop to it.

Mr. Turpen stated they would like to see a vote of the people on this issue in October 2011 and it was appearent that city hall staff was in favor of this timeline.

If you are tired of higher taxes and larger debt now is the time to get involved. There will be a meeting forth coming of citizens who are willing to help put a stop to this tax and debt madness in Owasso.

Please start making your Owasso family members and neighbors aware of this upcoming property tax vote. We will continue to keep you informed as information becomes available.



With the recent defeat of two incumbant city councilors and the current condition of our state and national finances you would think that city hall would be paying attention. Seems they didn't get the message. The proposed 2011-2012 Owasso City Budget reflects increases in property taxes and utility fees without the reduction of city government.

Over the past three years city taxpayers have paid $1,158,611 to keep the Baily Golf Course out of the red. Many of our citizens are retired, single parent households or unemployed due to the national economy. Yet city hall is asking these folks to dig deeper into their pockets (or borrow money in some cases) in order to keep city government the same size as it is without cutting excess.

This budget also includes an increase in the ad valorem (property tax) amount property owners will be paying this coming year. High ad valorem taxes are passed along to renters and customers who purchase goods and services in Owasso. This means higher retail prices and higher rent.

Click the link below to review the proposed budget.