The Black Hole of Mass Transit

Post date: Nov 12, 2008 9:31:03 PM

The Owasso City Council will be voting on a transportation ordinance possibly as soon as November 18, 2008. If this ordinance passes Owasso taxpayers will be subsidizing the funding for this system. If Owasso ridership proves to be like Broken Arrow, this will cost the taxpayers of Owasso $27,740 per bus per year. As more people use the system, and busses are added, the cost to the Owasso taxpayer will grow.

The City of Owasso recently conducted a survey to determine if there was interest for a mass transit system to serve Owasso. However, they failed to ask the question "Would you be in favor of this system if taxpayer money would be used to fund over half the cost".

An article titled "The Black Hole of Mass Transit" has been posted on the Owasso Taxpayer Alliance web site and

addresses the Owasso Transportation issue. A copy of the survey used by the city is also posted. A second article by the CATO Institute concerning the failure of mass transit in the city of Portland, Oregon has also been posted. To find these articles click on the "File Cabinet" link to the left.